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DIY Solar Panels

The best thing about solar panels is that you can use free electricity once you built it. In every second of year, sun produces a large amount of energy. There might be little amount of cost in setting solar panel system but there is almost no ongoing cost. You can totally cut off yourself from power station if you learn about how to build solar panels yourself. After setting your own solar panel, you should never be worry about large amount of electricity bills. This is called off grid living.

You can easily build your own DIY solar panels with little right knowledge and simple tools. By making these own DIY solar panels, you can save a lot of money over what you would pay for pre-built panels. There are some basic tools that you need to built your own DIY solar panels. If you need a simplest design, you will need and require some basic woodworking tools e.g, saw, screwdriver and drill. Wood glue and caulk will also be required. For Wiring purpose, you will need wire strippers, a solder and soldering iron. Most of these tools cab be easily picked up from local hardware store. Solar Panel is a group of solar cells in a container. In building DIY solar panel, first step is to obtain solar cells. Standard 3*6 solar cell produces 0.5 volts and and 3.5 amps. Many people make DIY solar Panel that that gives output of 18 volts.

For this purpose, you will need 36 cells for one panel. One of the good and easiest place to get solar cells is ebay. Search for “solar cells and look for an auction with good quality cells from given results.If you can find some cheap solar cells, then lesser quantity cells can be a good deal. These cells are mostly sold in in lots of 35, 100 and 108. 3.36 cell panels can be produced by 108 cells. If you are going to make typical 36 volt panel then stay away from 100 cell lots. Try to buy those cells that are already tabbed. It will definitely make the wiring much easier. Many cells came with flux, solder and extra tabbing.

DIY solar panel holds cells by using container. A box can be also build to hold the cells out of many different kind of materials. Dicide the type of layout for cells and finds out the dimensions that you will need for the box to hold solar cells.

Solar cells should be glued in place. Cells should be wired together. By wiring 36 cells together in series, it will provide 18 volts. You can make this much easy by buying pre tabbed cells. A diode will make possible to flow power in one direction.

You will also need to attach the cells. For this purpose, silicone caulk will work best. Silicon caulk should be applied to the back of each cell. Wood can contract and expand with heat so using a silicon caulk in middle of the cell will allow the wood underneath expand without any problem. Home solar panels are one of the good way to take charge of electricity bills. Some tips for assembling DIY solar panel are

  1. If you are first time building a panel on your own, it's for the best to take the project's process slowly and surely.
  2. DIY solar panel should be build piece by piece, making sure that you do not leave a single step undone.
  3. Test for the DIY solar panel's efficiency after you're done with a unit

If you are successful in building and implementing DIY solar panels, you may want to procure a power calculator that will help you determine how much power you need to power specific appliances or places in your house. Last but not the least, if you plan on doing this on a larger scale, you may want to research for more information about tax credits, deductions, rebates, subsidies and other benefits that the local government offers.

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