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The Cost of Solar Panels

Cost of Solar Panel is one of the main ingredient of a solar power plant. The best way to compare the price of solar panels is in per watt because they come in many different sizes. It was difficult to get solar panels below $3 per watt before the crisis prices fell to 1.5$ since. There are two reasons, one is the entrance of china as manufacturer and other is low price of silicon wafers. Discounts are available for buyers in large projects and prices can go even lower.

One can get solar panels of 90 to 100 KW in a 40 foot container and it is a bargaining quantity threshold. When Indian and china manufacturers first came in the market, they started to compete with American and German manufacturers on good inferior quality and price. With everything else, there quality has been improving more and more. They obtained UL and TUV certifications and with excellent price/performance ratio they started to penetrate in American and European Markets. Due to these Certifications, they are allowed to get larger orders and force others to follow their price lowering.

Solar Panels come with five years replacement warranty and this was a problem for Chinese and American manufacturers. Indian and Chinese manufacturers also provide replacement warranty, but their warranties were not backed by international insurers. By the help of these certifications, they were able to get international insurance companies backing. Feed-in-tariff and Financing requirements needs performance guarantee. Industrial standard has been set at 90% of the listed power output until year 25. There is a need of performance to be backed by international companies. Performance of some solar panels is better than others but difference of price comes only to a few percent so manufactures can not command $3 price per watt if competition is of selling at $1.5 per watt.

The cost of solar panels can be differ significantly depending on weather you intend to buy solar panels. You can save large fuel bills by installing a solar power system on your property. Solar power electricity systems uses solar cells to capture sun’s energy. The solar cells changes the sunlight into electricity, which can be run household appliances. Commercial, professionally installed 2KW home solar power systems cost in the region of $19,000/ £12,000 (including taxes) and it takes approximately 12 - 15 years to recoup these costs through fuel bill savings. Large number of people can not afford this amount of investment in their property.

A growing number of DIY enthusiasts are now deciding to make their own PV solar panels. While this might sound like a complex and expensive task, it can actually be accomplished with only a handful of readily available tools and materials, and for a fraction of the costs outlined above. The Earth4Energy DIY Solar Power Guide only costs $49.97 and teaches you everything you need to know to construct solar panels at a fraction of the cost. By making and installing your own solar power system the return on investment is likely to be made in the first 18 months. Additionally, you can earn a residual income by feeding the electricity you have generated back into the National Grid.

Solar panels for your home is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Since 2004 the solar power industry has doubled in size every year consistently, and the global economic crisis has only fuelled this mega growth industry even further. Solar systems cost relatively little to produce, however in the united states alone the photovoltaic (PV) solar industry is worth around one billion dollars per year. This figure is expected to climb to over twenty billion in the next twenty years. The main reason for this projected growth is due to the emergence of commercial and residential solar panel businesses and franchises. At present, solar power contributes only 1% of the total national electricity supply. With such a low ratio and considering the growing need for energy the solar power industry is preparing to jump exponentially. you can easily get solar panels for your home for as little as twelve hundred Dollars.

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