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100% solar powered unipole in Lebanon.

International Energy solution is proud to announce the successful implementation of the first and only 100% solar powered two sided unipole in Khalde, Mount lebanon- Lebanon. It has been more than 9 month since the installation was completed and the results were compelling, the system will automatically detect light intensity, and when it is dark enough it will turn on the Led spot lights, similarly in the morning it will shut down once the sun rise.

The system consists of two poly 250W solar panels, four 230Ah X 6 V crown deep cycle batteries, 8 high efficiency led Spot lights.

The batteries are secured in a well-designed case to protect against theft, and the solar panels are also secured by a special mounting system to prevent theft and burglary.

The system costs around $4000 including installation. It will provide unipole owners with energy independence from the grid, and a reliable approach to target more people and extend the advertisement duration throughout the night for motorist.

100% solar Powered unipole- Khalde-Mount Lebanon-Lebanon.