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Interesting Facts About Solar Panels

Solar energy is an environment friendly, economic and natural means of getting power. This is the oldest renewable energy resource, now used to run modern technology. Many day to day activities like heating, washing, drying and cooking are carried out with the help of this energy source. It is extremely reliable and inexpensive. The demand of solar powered products is increasing day by day.

Statistics show that 30% of energy cost in family is due to heating which amounts up to 50 dollars a month. The solar panels save a lot of money for these families. It costs high initially but later it makes up for the lost bucks. Space is a major disadvantage of the device since it takes a lot of space. Proper battery is also required which is utilized in bad weather conditions. Solar energy is believed to be half of the total amount of renewable energy resource. 2 million people in this world that are deprived of electricity. They can be provided electricity with the help of solar energy.

There are many interesting facts about solar energy system. Its demand is greater than its supply. It uses include heating, electricity production, washing and drying clothes, lighting for outdoors and indoors, power cars, small appliances like calculators and watches. A home solar system consists of a battery, charge controller, inverter, wiring, support structure and solar panels. Solar panels have a great variation of colors. It has a 5-year warranty, however they have a 20 years guarantee. It can be kept in many forms like in batteries, transferred, absorbed and reflected. 1kW home solar system consists of 10-12 solar panels and acquires 100 square feet base area. It takes up to 48 hours to set up a 1kW home solar system and it costs 10,000 dollars. Electricity is provided by a solar energy system throughout the day and night, and in any bad weather conditions when the system is not exposed to sun.

There are also interesting facts about the sun which is the source of solar energy. Pollution, wind and clouds block the rays of sunlight to reach our planet earth and thus our solar panel system. A primary source of fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal and gas is our sun. Its energy causes currents in the ocean, different weathers and different climate patterns.

By the year 2040, a total of 50% of the global energy would come from renewable sources. The appliance that consumes the most electricity is electric oven, microwaves and central air conditioning. An hour of sunlight that falls on earth is more than that utilized by the whole population in a year. Americans use 26% of the world’s energy when calculation for about 5% of the global population.

Solar energy is the future of energy in our world. Sun has come to the rescue in this energy crisis. The effects of sun impact on every form of human life possible. It is impossible to sustain any form of life without the sun. Now some more facts about working of the solar energy: PV cells also called solar cells are the core of sun powered device. They were seen in calculators half a century before. The solar cells were first developed in 1958. The same technology was used in outer space to cover up supply needs for the space craft. These solar cells can capture 1000 watts per square meter of energy. A group of these cells are called solar panels.

Solar cells are made from semiconductors which is a special element that releases electrons when present within the sphere of a source of energy. These free electrons circulate viciously and thus the energy is produced.

The storage is the most difficult stage. Solar energy can be stored in batteries which have chemical substance the decompose and release electrically charged particles. This system is inefficient due to the limited battery capacities. New ways of storing energies have to be developed.

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