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Solar Panel Tracking

The demand of solar panel have been increased since early of 2000. People are rushing to take their own solar penal but some people who have already installed solar penal at their roofs are now not so happy with its energy production. As technology is going to be advanced, human needs are also increasing. Due to advancement of technology, everything requires huge energy. People have been too used to their advanced lifestyles, they uses a large amount of energy and they find it hard to have to save energy. Sometimes users of solar panel donot get enough energy because of direction of panel system. If solar panel face the sun from sunrise till sun down, huge amount of energy can be produced. There is a gadget that can make the panel to do this. This is known as Tracking System. Solar panels are mounted with the help of these systems and as the system detects the movement of the sun, it allows the panels to position themselves accordingly. By using these tracking systems, exposure of maximum limit is allowed for solar cells and it increases the efficiency of solar penals upto 30 percent in summers and half of it in winters. More electricity can be used at home due to increased rate of solar energy produced.

Tracking Systems have two types, active and passive. For active tracking systems, there is need of motor to run on. Direction also does not change on the basis of gravity and heat. There is a control component in this tracking system that directs its way towards the sun. It works similar to dishes, television which are large in size and need to be moved to receive signals. Solar Penals provides electricity to direct active tracking systems. Sometimes alternate source of electricity can be used for this purpose. In Passive system, there is no need of motor to change panel’s direction. The movement make it possible for the system to move from east, from where the sun would rise, to the west where sun would set. All this can be done without any motor. There systems are best for remote agricultural areas and faraway lands where there is no electricity. it can be used with solar pumps which is good in summers where there is a large need of water.

Solar Tracking System can maximize your investment by continually orient solar panels towards the sun. They are most useful as position of sun changes gradually in the sky over the course of a day and over the seasons throughout the year. Benefits of such tracking system depends on its placement in determining how well it will increase solar penal effectiveness. They can work more effectively in locations that are shade free and and areas with low horizons. Tracking array is able to utilize the wide open access to gain every available electron from the sun through whole year. Tracking Systems are most significant throughout summer season with its long days of sunlight available to capture. For those with limited amount of space, there is a need of only small array to be installed, great advantage for small sites with only small area to place equipment. They need to utilize smaller home solar systems and are able to produce maximum amount of energy output.

There are also some disadvantages of solar tracking systems. By adding a tracking system to solar panel, you are adding gears and moving parts which require maintenance of solar system on regular basis. One more possible disadvantage to be aware of when buying solar panel, is in the way your local utility PV rebate program may be set in. Most are based on PV array size in your home kit, which causes less financial benefit for you. A tracking system with PV home kit can collect power for a far longer time than one without. Whether this is worth additional maintenance and cost is up to the single user.

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