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Top Companies Producing Solar Panels

Production of solar panels, although expensive affair, a lot of companies are readily investing into the related technology mainly because of the awareness amongst the people. People have realized the importance of the products that are equipped with solar panels. Market is ongoing with a trend that can be of higher demand growth in the forthcoming years. This has led to a lot of companies popping up by the day to make production of solar panels. In this article, we have an overview of the same.

Suntech Power

This is the largest producer of the solar panels all over the world when Megawatts of shipments are considered. This company has an annual shipment of 1800 MW. They have the production facilities in many places and they cater to the market demands from all over the world. They have mostly the industrial clients. At the end of 2010, it was estimated that they sold about 13 million solar panel products to the companies all over the world. They have their headquarters located in the Wuxi province of China. They also feature world’s largest building that is equipped with solar panels.

First Solar

This is the company that is in business of manufacturing of the thin photovoltaic modules. They also provide services to the other companies in terms of finance, maintenance, construction, end of life panels recycling etc. They make the use of a raw material called as Cadmium Telluride (chemical symbol CdTe) in order to make the production of solar panels. They are of the opinion that these raw materials incur less cost to their company than the crystalline form of silicon which is normally used elsewhere. They are ranked to be in the top 25 companies by Forbes list for their growth in terms of technologies.

Sharp Solar

This company has its products catered to the variety of applications. Satellites, lighthouses, industrial applications, residential sectors etc. make use of the technology that drives behind the production capabilities of this company. They have their headquarters located in the Japanese city of Osaka. This is an age old established company with its roots dating back to 1959. However, the mass production facility of this company was set up in 1963. It is one of the top players in the solar electricity industries.

Yingli Solar

Yingli is a brand of a group called by the name of Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited. They are termed as one of the largest vertically integrated manufacturers of the different kinds of modules of the systems in photovoltaic technology. They have presence in different countries of the world which is set up in the form of 10 sales offices and has employee strength of 6000. They have been relying on and based upon their model of business of vertically integration since the year 2004. The annual capacity of production of solar panels by this company has reached a landmark of 600 MW in the year 2009. December 2009 saw the latest of their business line products started in the production of high quality of solar grade and electronic grade materials in the solar panel business.

Trina Solar

This company of solar panels is based in China. They have been involved in migration of their line of business from a company originally established in the system integration of the solar panels. They are at present full time involved in manufacturing of solar panels. They make the production for the residential, industrial as well as the commercial applications.

Canadian Solar

In terms of the mass scale production of the solar panels worldwide, the ranking of this company is sixth in place. In the year 2010 alone, this company was in charge of producing more than 803 MW of power from sunlight.

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