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Types Of Solar Panels That Can Be Installed

Solar Panels are able to utilize free renewable, natural resources of solar energy. Your electricity bills can easily be reduced upto unlimited amount by installing solar panels. There are different types of solar Panels that can easily be installed.

Water Heating Solar Panels

Water Heating Solar Panels can work throughout the whole year and heat domestic hot water. If solar energy is low then conventional boiler or hot water tank can be used further to heat the water. A super efficient hot water tank is recommended to install to fully receive the benefits of solar water heating system. Solar water heating system is not compatible if you have a combination boiler without a hot water tank. It is possible to save over half a ton of C02 emissions with water heating solar systems, depends on the fuel you will be replacing.

Evacuated Solar Tubes

The Purpose of Evacuated Solar Tubes is to heat your water, but it uses a different technology than the solar panels described above. These use glass solar tubes, rather than flat glass. These tubes are also able to absorb 360 degrees of solar energy which provides more output of power in a day.

PV Solar Panels

PV solar Panels produce electricity from daylight through photovoltaic’s. Here Photo refers to light and voltaic means electricity. These Solar Panels can produce their electricity from light but they are also able to work on cloudy days as the photons penetrate through clouds. If someone wants to take full advantage of solar energy, then PV solar panels are one of the best choices. PV solar panels can get a Feed-in Tariff where one get paid for each electricity unit that he generates.

Polycrystalline SE Panel

It is one of the most common type. It consists of chunks of silicon that has large number of tiny crystals. When compared to single crystal, it is less efficient, the watts per square foot power it releases may match the single type if they are combined closely together in a frame. Amorphous solar electric Panel is known as “thin film” , because it uses many plates similar to stainless steel.

Monocrystalline SE Panel

It is also called Single Crystal. It is taken from large brick of Crystal. In terms of efficiency, it is one of the best choices. But it also considered as one of the most costly type. For Purshasing the type of solar electric panel, you must know that where it will be placed, the amount of power and the amount of space you need.

Amorphous Solar Panel

Amorphous Solar cells are new types of solar cells. They are used to generate electricity in such ways that crystalline technology would’nt be able to. In this type, the silicon atoms are not grouped or ordered in a crystal lattice like in crystalline cells. Crystals are not growing, silicon fits in a thin layer onto a backing substrate. These types of solar panels are less time consuming, but they are costly. One of the greatest advantages of Amorphous cells is its high ability to be flexible. For different users, there are many amazing benefits of flexible amorphous cells. Amorphous cells also have many disadvantages in terms of efficiency. Amorphous panels are only 5-6% efficient.

Roof Solar Panels

Roof solar panels use photovoltaic cells as its main parts. These Solar cells are combined and grouped together on a base of some type and then sealed in by sidewails and plexi glass top. Heat and cold has no effect on amount of electricity produced by Roof solar panels. The amount of electricity production can be determined by the amount of sunlight and the number of solar cells that are in the roof solar panels. You can generate electricity for just a part or all of your home.

Solar Energy is one of the excellent option and a potentially good investment to save money and energy.

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