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Different Types of Solar Mountings

After installing a solar panel system, the next step is to decide mounting of the solar panel. There are different types of mountings. These different mountings provide varied level of production of energy. The mounting of solar panel depends on your budget, amount of shadow received and the amount of energy to be generated. Three most common types of array mountings are: fixed, adjustable and tracking.

Fixed array mountings are simple and inexpensive. As its name suggests, this type of mount remains fixed or stationary. It needs to be placed in such a way that it receives the maximum amount of sunlight. Usually, their owners place them towards the equator. It is not flexible in the sense that its angle cannot be changed easily. Thus, the solar panel system is unable to optimize the sunlight absorption in the same way throughout the year.

Adjustable array mountings in comparison to fixed array mountings provide the capability to change its position whenever it is required. The owner might need to change its position or direction at the start of the new season. This quality of adjustable array mountings provide 25% more solar output than the fixed version of the array mounting.

Tracking array mountings are manufactured with intelligence such that it follows the sunlight for most part of the year. It provides the best energy efficiency by absorbing energy more frequently than the other two versions of the array mountings. There are two tracking formats: single axis tracking and double axis tracking. Single axis tracking follows the sun from the time it dawns from the east to the time it sets in the west. On the other hand, double axis tracker moves with the direction of the sun and makes those seasonal changes with the sun. These mounts provide the best energy but they are 30% more expensive than the other mount versions.

The factors that are to be considered while choosing the correct mounting of the solar panels are as important as buying the right solar panel. If one buys the best solar panel and mounts it in the worst possible way then the owner is having a great loss. This great loss occurs because the owner has invested his money in the solar panel but is not gaining a profit out of it. The solar panels cost half of one’s home solar power system. Therefore, these solar panels should be mounted securely to prevent any damage.

Orientation of your home is the most important factor of all. In order to get the highest output, you need to ensure that the solar panels are facing south. The panels are able to generate the best possible energy throughout the day since they are exposed to the sun. A few homes have a rear roof surface that is aligned for sun exposure from the south. The rail based solar mounting solutions can be utilized to make the panels secure. This system also allows to slide additional solar panels and to lock them at any time at any time. One can also angle the panels if the roof does not have exactly southern exposure. Angling the panels has been made extremely easy by new solar panel mounting systems. The angles panels of the angle can be adjusted with small deviations in sunlight. These systems are almost of the same cost as standard solar panel mounting systems.

Other options are still available for solar panel mounting systems for homes that don’t have a roof with southern exposure. This includes the ground based mounting system which can be secured near the home. You can orient these systems in any way whatsoever to catch maximum amount of sunlight. This kind of a system can make it easy for you to clean it and install it. The disadvantage of ground based system includes the taking of space in the backyard. The solar panels are mounted onto the top or the side of a pole in a Pole mounting system. In this system, the pole can be easily located anywhere to catch maximum sunlight and produce energy.

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